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Jun 2018


Fri, 01 Jun 2018

If the area already exists as a lawn or has plants in it kill the whole area first if you have time. This will reduce the occurrence of future weeds and weed grasses in your new lawn. Use glyphosate as this degrades on contact with the soil leaving no harmful residue.

Once everything is dead, perhaps after a couple of weeks, strip off any turf with a turf cutter (available from your local Bann Hire depot)  This may seem unnecessary hard work particularly if your next step is to dig or rotovate the area. Unfortunately, existing turf will not break up readily thereby making it harder work to rotovate or dig. In addition the old turf will cause a bumpy lawn containing air pockets which will then increase the bumpiness over time. So, remove the old turf and if you have a place to store it then do so as it will eventually rot down and make a great compost or top dressing later on.

At any stage during lawn preparation be prepared to pick up or rake out stones and debris such as roots. The quality of lawn you are constructing will determine how far you go with this process. And if perfection is your goal then consider bringing in double screened (1/4” sieved) sandy loam topsoil for the top few inches.  Please check out our website for all our rotovating options.  Ask your local store for details of our Harley Rake and Chariot seeder combo deal - perfect professional results everytime. 

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